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Welcome to The Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C home of the 64 Slice Toshiba Multidetector CT Scanner. Since 1999, the Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C. has provided comprehensive cardiac and vascular care in an integrated office and hospital setting. With locations in Anniston and Oxford, Alabama, the Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C. recognizes how important each person’s heart is to that person and his or her family. Our staff consists of knowledgeable, dedicated, hardworking healthcare professionals that will serve each patient in a friendly and caring atmosphere and will tailor the care to each individual’s needs.

Some of our heart care services include clinical consultations in general cardiac and vascular medicine, arrhythmia management, nuclear cardiology, stress testing and vascular ultrasounds. A complete listing of our heart care services is available on our Heart Care Services page. At the Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C. we also feature the 64 Detector/64 Slice Toshiba Multidetector CT Scanner. This cutting edge technology allows us to perform a full body scan within minutes. More important, it helps us to determine whether a patient has any blockages of arteries including those in the heart.

At the Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C., we are helping to bring high-tech, high-knowledge care close to home so that people would not have to drive far to get the best care. Why drive far when the best is close to home? We are redefining the gold standard.



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Message from the CEO

Osita A. Onyekwere
CEO and Cardiologist
We are extremely proud of the testimonial of our patients on the quality of care they received at The Cardiovascular Clinics, P.C. Visit Us today and be a testimony to others.